Executive Summary: From Monocapitalism to Multicapitalism — 21st Century System Value Creation

  • Monocapitalism: capitalism designed to grow and concentrate one form of vital capital — financial capital — very often at the expense of the ongoing viability of other capitals;
  • Multicapitalism: capitalism designed to maintain the carrying capacities of all vital capitals (natural, human, social, intellectual, constructed, and financial) respecting normative thresholds.[2]
  • Micro (Company) Level
  • Meso (Portfolio) Level
  • Macro (National) Level
  • On the corporate front, the Pathways address the specific areas of:
  • On the investment front, the Pathways traverse from asset owner integrated reporting to more comprehensive application of Threshold Investing as a means of applying Multicapitalist thinking.
  • On the economic front, support must shift from Economic Growth Theory to Post Growth and Degrowth doctrines,[9] and economic system design must shift from a supply and demand orientation to align with resource thresholds and population allocations[10] and thereby design economies as ecosystems.[11]
  • On the policy front, global governance needs to adopt policy orientation toward a carrying capacity regime. This will entail abandoning Gross Domestic Product as the global benchmark of progress, and embracing instead measures aligned with ecological and social thresholds. It will also entail abandoning the mindset of progress through economic growth, and embracing an ethic of abundance through sufficiency for all.
  • First, entities need to identify the vital capital resources they impact;
  • Second, they need to identify the rightsholders who also rely on those resources for their well-being;
  • Third, they need to identify where their impacts fall in regards to the carrying capacities of those vital capital resources.



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