Exploring Transformative Learning as Life

When we grow and develop our human societies in ways that are not coherent with the way life evolves, our impacts will cause harm.

Learning as Life

1. Three Evolutionary Principles of Life

The universe exists and evolves as a unified entity through implicate orders of reality that literally in-form the emergence and evolution of life.

Systems that are not coherent with life, cannot create futures for life. It is that simple.

Exploring the qualities of Life as an Evolutionary Process

2. Five Stages of Transformational Change

Tipping Point Dynamics

In metamorphic transformation, it is NOT the critical mass of the present state, or critical group size, that generates the new feedback-loops that drive change, but rather the degree of coherence of new future states in relation to collapsing or decreasing coherencies of the old states of a system.

3. Five Syntony Spheres of Evolutionary Learning Ecosystems

The Five Syntony Spheres of Wellbeing and Transformative Learning

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