Future Creative Learning and the Power of the Imaginal

Learning as Future

  1. The Cosmology of Futures.
  2. Imaginal Capacities for Exploring Futures.
  3. Futures Literacies and Future Creative Learning.

1. The Cosmology of Futures

The presence of the future exists within us as a holotropic (wholeness) attractor for attracting us forward into the further realization and development of the multiple potentialities that our life and consciousness afford.

2. Imaginal Capacities for Exploring Futures

Imaginal consciousness is a nonlocal state of consciousness that connects us directly with the infinite potentials of the unified field of consciousness for accessing the deeper transformative powers of life.

Imaginal Practice for Journeying into the Future of Learning

3. Futures Literacies and Future Creative Learning

  • The necessity for change conditions, and;
  • Imaginal engagement of our future potentials as future possibilities.

Developing Future Creative Capacities

We cannot just design our way into the future. We first need to learn how to embody and become the future consciousness of a regenerative and thrivable world.

  • Enact and embody the consciousness states of your future potentials — You can only activate a future potential from the consciousness state of that future potential, and not from old patterns or modes of consciousness. Just like the imaginal cells of the butterfly start to form through the butterfly consciousness of a winged creature, and not the caterpillar modes of a crawly creature.
  • Become an imaginal cell for a regenerative and thriving world — Look for ways that you can link up with other imaginal cells to form the imaginal organs and systems of our future becoming.
  • Become aware of what you in-form with your intention and attention — By shifting your intention and attention you can shift the way information flows and manifests within and around you. Invest in the future of a thrivable world by applying the power of your intention and attention wisely and consciously.
  • Actualize regeneration and thrivability by embodying this in your life — Become the world you wish to live in. Explore how you can embody the future potentials for regeneration and thrivability and activate this within the systems and cultures you form part of.
  • Shift your stance to shift your experience of reality — Your stance is a combination of your attitude, posture, and ways of being and relating in the world. When you shift your stance you literally change the flow of information within and around you, which also shifts what you attract and engage from the field of possibilities. New stances create new futures.

Resilience as a future creative capacity for thrivability fitness

Resilience as a developmental capacity makes us more innovative and creative to work with shock as transformative potential.

  1. Facilitating death and transition — Support people to understand and trust in the necessary role and purpose of death for enabling new cycles of life. Initiate an honest and supportive inquiry about what needs to die from within ourselves and in our human worlds in order to become regenerative and stop the ecosystemic collapse that we are causing. Facilitate learning conversations for how we can die with dignity and transition between the various stages of death and new cycles of life.
  2. Facilitating regeneration and healing — Support people to understand the vital conditions for regeneration and healing, and how we are each born with innate healing capacities. Apply the 13 qualities of life for exploring how we can regenerate our human consciousness to become as life, and for how we can apply this ecological awareness for the regeneration and healing of the ecosystems and cultures that play an essential role for our planetary wellbeing, health, and prosperity.
  3. Facilitating birth and emergence — Support people to understand how new life comes into being, from conception to birth and onwards. Facilitate learning that develops our awareness of emergence, and our nurturing capacities for assisting new life to come into form and enter our world. This can apply to new human life as well as to conception and the birth of new ideas, projects, or any other living beings who require our help to come into the world. Apply the actualization process of the 5 stages of future becoming for ‘midwifing’ and nurturing the birth and emergence of new future possibilities that can evolve our systems and cultures towards thrivability.

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r3.0 is a pre-competitive & market-making non-profit delivering groundbreaking Blueprints, Transformation Journeys and Conferences for system value creation.

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