Future Creative Learning and the Power of the Imaginal

Learning as Future

1. The Cosmology of Futures

The presence of the future exists within us as a holotropic (wholeness) attractor for attracting us forward into the further realization and development of the multiple potentialities that our life and consciousness afford.

2. Imaginal Capacities for Exploring Futures

Imaginal consciousness is a nonlocal state of consciousness that connects us directly with the infinite potentials of the unified field of consciousness for accessing the deeper transformative powers of life.

Imaginal Practice for Journeying into the Future of Learning

3. Futures Literacies and Future Creative Learning

Developing Future Creative Capacities

We cannot just design our way into the future. We first need to learn how to embody and become the future consciousness of a regenerative and thrivable world.

Resilience as a future creative capacity for thrivability fitness

Resilience as a developmental capacity makes us more innovative and creative to work with shock as transformative potential.

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