How can Civil Society Tap into the New Collective Consciousness to Spur Systemic Transformation?

  • Competition: Cut-throat competition is not the sole provenance of the for-profit sector; non-profits often perceive themselves as competing for limited resources, whether it’s foundation funding or stakeholder support;
  • Silo-ing: NGOs specialize in specializing, focusing on specific issues, often at the expense of the kind of holistic analyses and action needed to solve intertwining problems;
  • Incremental Ambition: Many NGOs seek to create progress, measuring success against incremental yardsticks, instead of identifying the totality of a problem and targeting its overall solution — which often takes more than “progress in the right direction” but rather requires transformation at a specific pace and scale.
  • Collaborative Innovation: Current challenges defy isolated solutions; they require radical collaboration and radical innovation. So, NGOs need to set aside their turf wars and work with fellow NGOs who may be perceived as rivals; and NGOs also may need to collaborate with partners previously perceived as “bad actors” in order to help them transform (with sufficient accountability mechanisms to avoid greenwash);
  • Holistic Solutions: We encourage NGOs to adopt multicapital approaches that assess inter-capital impacts across the entire triple bottom line. Often, solutions for one capitals have cascading effects on other capitals that need to be addressed in designing effective solutions.
  • Transformative Ambition: NGOs must transcend incrementalist solutions and commit to the level of transformative change necessary. This requires a shift from “necessary but not sufficient” initiatives to “necessary and sufficient” initiatives.
  • Scalable Impact: NGOs must shift focus to impact that can readily scale up, aligning the level of solutions to the level of the problems. Solutions at the micro level that leave problems at the meso and macro level unresolved are no longer an option; impactful solutions must span the scales from nano to micro to meso to macro.



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