How Can Organizations Report on Their Purpose, Success and Scalability?

  • Purpose: Organizations need to articulate why they exist. How is the world a better place because of their existence? What’s their beneficial legacy? How are they enhancing wellbeing?
  • Success: Organizations need to decide how they determine success of fulfilling their purpose. How do they create value for themselves? For their stakeholders and rightsholders? For the systems within which they operate? In the present and into the future? In other words, how do they account for their total contribution to wellbeing — and thriving?
  • Scalability: Companies are not isolated islands, so they must augment sustainability pursuits at the micro level with broader efforts to scale up transformation at the meso and macro levels.
Figure 1: The New Impetus for Disclosure (Reporting Blueprint, Reporting 3.0)
  • Trust: Combining a clear corporate Purpose with Success measurements tied to actual outcomes, impacts, and system value creation creates Trust, demonstrating a specific commitment to beneficial impact that is demonstrable. Such measures are particularly important in this era of eroding trust in companies, as revealed in the just-released 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer. As the old saying goes, “trust but verify.”
  • Resilience: Combining a beneficial Purpose with measures to accelerate its Scalability beyond the organization creates Resilience, as organizations can only be sustainable when the broader systems they operate within are sustainable.
  • Innovation: Scaling up Success measures requires Innovation when operating in today’s unsustainable systems. The True Future Value Equation established by the ThriveAbility Foundation includes innovation mechanisms in the denominator that synergize both natural capital and manufactured capital in ways that optimize performance within the “safe and just operating space” between ecological ceilings and social foundations. The Equation also calls for innovation in the numerator through synergies amongst the Anthro Capitals (Human, Intellectual, Social & Relationship) that have no upper limit!
Figure 2: Innovation in the True Future Value Equation (ThriveAbility Foundation)
Figure 3: Implementation Mechanisms in the New Impetus (Source: Reporting 3.0)
  • Contextualization: To clarify if you are part of the problem or part of the solution (or potentially both), does your organization cure symptoms or tackle root causes?
  • Leadership: Does your organization’s leadership address economic system dysfunction? How so?
  • Ambition: How does your organization prioritize growth, and how do you differentiate sustainable from unsustainable growth? Is growth even necessary for your organization, or can it thrive in a steady state or de-growth economy?
  • Measurement: Does your organization measure its impacts across and amongst the multiple capitals? And does it measure (and pursue) the internalization of negative externalities that compromise the carrying capacities of natural capital? And the externalization of positive internalities that enhance the carrying capacities of anthro-capitals (human, social, etc…)
  • Target-Setting: Does your organization set science-based or context-based goals and targets that assess thresholds and allocations of vital capital resources that rightsholders rely on for their wellbeing?
  • Incentives: How does your organization incentivize sustainable performance, and disincentivize unsustainable performance? And how does your organization incentivize transformation?
  • Education: To what degree does your organization promote and support internal (employee) and external (across its value cycle) education on the need for transcending incrementalism to achieve transformative change in light of emerging megatrends and systemic existential risk?
  • Collaboration: How does your company differentiate between competitive advantage and collaborative impact? To what degree does your organization participate in pre-competitive collaboration on joint innovation for collective advantage?
  • Advocation: How does your organization advocate for transcending incremental change to achieve necessary transformative change?




r3.0 is a pre-competitive & market-making non-profit delivering groundbreaking Blueprints, Transformation Journeys and Conferences for system value creation.

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r3.0 is a pre-competitive & market-making non-profit delivering groundbreaking Blueprints, Transformation Journeys and Conferences for system value creation.

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