Learning as Agency for Transformative Change

Learning as Agency

1. Transformative Agency

Facilitating Third Way Solutions

Working with Complexity

Are you able to hold, integrate, and weave various perspectives and approaches through an inclusive attitude and a deepening sense of appreciation for the underlying wholeness and unity of life?

2. Bildung and Stewardship

Case-study Application

EfS Schools from the EARTHwise Centre EfS Program

Learning and Healing through Ceremony and Rites of Passage

The required outer transformations will not manifest unless we first embrace and commit to the required inner transformations.

Younger generations need our help to move through this challenging time, and especially to grief together and know how they can safely share their feelings and thoughts.

3. The Governance of Agency

Autopoiesis and the Governance of Agency

All living systems are autopoietic systems; if we harm the vital autopoietic functions of self-creation, self-regulation, and adaptation, we undermine and harm the foundation for regeneration and thrivability, as well as sustainability.

Without a sense of inner freedom we cannot thrive and it becomes very difficult to be creative and act regeneratively.

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