Learning as Agency for Transformative Change

Learning as Agency

  1. Transformative Agency
  2. Bildung and Stewardship
  3. The Governance of Agency

1. Transformative Agency

  1. What does the word ‘paradox’ evoke in you? How do you feel about paradoxical situations?
  2. Are there any paradoxes you simply cannot accept?
  3. How can the perspective of a paradox help you reconcile what previously may have appeared unacceptable or irreconcilable to you?
  4. In what way is your life a paradox?

Facilitating Third Way Solutions

  1. Become aware of dualistic polarization dynamics, which can play out as dualistic cause-effect narratives, either-or thinking, division, conflict, fragmentation, win-lose zero-sum game competition, and oppositional dynamics. Acknowledge what is happening (also beneath the surface) and honestly assess your personal investment in any of these dynamics. Proceed to create clarity about what is going on and why.
  2. Look for a ‘third’ middle ground by focusing on ‘and-and’ perspectives, and by working with the architecture of wholeness behind seeming dualities. Consider the deeper causes as to why a transformative perspective or experience may have become blocked.
  3. Create a safe and generative space that makes it possible to heal what has become revealed, including any divisions. Keep an open mind and heart to multiple perspectives, including those you do not understand, while exploring collaborative approaches.
  4. Test assumptions through a future planetary perspective to deepen inclusiveness — i.e. is what we normalize or propose natural, desirable, and thrivable from the widest and deepest perspective of life as a whole?
  5. Check your commitment towards building our world from the foundations of life and the co-creation of thrivable societies. How does this process live within you, and what is your commitment to become the required person for this change?

Working with Complexity

Are you able to hold, integrate, and weave various perspectives and approaches through an inclusive attitude and a deepening sense of appreciation for the underlying wholeness and unity of life?

2. Bildung and Stewardship

Case-study Application

EfS Schools from the EARTHwise Centre EfS Program

Learning and Healing through Ceremony and Rites of Passage

The required outer transformations will not manifest unless we first embrace and commit to the required inner transformations.

Younger generations need our help to move through this challenging time, and especially to grief together and know how they can safely share their feelings and thoughts.

3. The Governance of Agency

Autopoiesis and the Governance of Agency

All living systems are autopoietic systems; if we harm the vital autopoietic functions of self-creation, self-regulation, and adaptation, we undermine and harm the foundation for regeneration and thrivability, as well as sustainability.

  1. Respect and support people in their self-governance of agency so they can learn how to regulate and adapt their capacities, engagement, and relationships (inwardly and outwardly) for the learning tasks at hand, and in ways that are safe, healthy, meaningful, and thrivable.
  2. Support people to become (more) conscious of their capacities for regenerative self-governance by helping them become aware of their innate abilities of self-creation, self-regulation, and adaptation through interdependent networks of relationships with each other and our natural world.
  3. Apply living system governance principles in the design and governance of educational systems and for creating learning ecosystems that support learners to develop an embodied understanding of their unity with life, with appreciation and care for each other, life, and our planet.

Without a sense of inner freedom we cannot thrive and it becomes very difficult to be creative and act regeneratively.

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r3.0 is a pre-competitive & market-making non-profit delivering groundbreaking Blueprints, Transformation Journeys and Conferences for system value creation.

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