Learning by Storying our Connections

The much needed healing of our world and psyche, requires that we learn how to restory our lives with meaning, grounded in place and in ways that open our sense of wonder and appreciation for the miracle of life.

Learning as Story

1. Learning as Story in Place

Collective Learning through Resonance

Deeply engaging stories create morphic resonance fields between people and life through shared experiences of meaning, emotion, and anticipation.

Collective Learning Inquiries

2. Exploring the Mythic Structures of Learning

The Mythic Structures of Trading Life

3. Creating New Stories of Learning

How can we each become story stewards for life-centered learning and the journey of our transformation?

Decolonizing the Mind

To summarize, education for decolonizing our minds and cultures is a process of deep unraveling of the multiple interwoven strands of violence, domination, trauma, division, and harm.

Storying our Connections through System Sensing

Whether we are conscious of this or not, we all form part of social systems and fields that we together weave into being, and which become our stories.

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