Moving Forward in the Corona Context: What to Let Go, What to Pick Up

2 min readApr 20, 2020

By Bill Baue and Ralph Thurm

Our recent blog “What’s at Stake: Flatten the Curve to Respect Carrying Capacity” has gotten a fair amount of attention, leading to a host of follow-up questions. In particular, we proposed in that blog that the “dotted line” of “healthcare system capacity” that provides the key threshold needed to #FlattenTheCurve of Covid-19 actually applies across the board. In other words, all systems have carrying capacity thresholds that need to be respected in order to nurture the health of those systems — so we see the “dotted line” as enhancing our collective “Carrying Capacity Consciousness.”

To further enhance this collective consciousness, we want to answer some of the questions that have been coming in to us. In particular, we’re getting questions on

  • what we need to let go, and
  • what we need to pick up.

So, we started a list of things we need to move on from, and things we need to move toward. These are not necessarily binaries, but more often development continuums. And recognizing that the terms themselves may need some unpacking, we provide links to resources (see below the table) where you can find out more about each. We at r3.0 talk about this stuff all the time, so many of the links go back to our own work.

Contrasting ‘Let go’ & ‘Pick up’. See links below as Medium doesn’t support (interactive) tables.

Let Go

Globalization, Value Chains, Circular Economy, Just-in-Time, Efficiency, Monocapitalism, Homo Economicus, Self-Interest, ESG & CSR, Degeneration, Stakeholders, Invisible Hand, Supply & Demand, Social Discount Rates, Impact Valuation, Monetary Debt, Unemployment, Income Tax, Reductionism

Pick Up

Bioregionalism, Value Cycles, Cyclical Economy, Just-in-Case, Resilience, Multicapitalism, Doughnut Economics, Altruism, (Context-Based) Sustainability, Regeneration, Rightsholders, Invisible Band, Thresholds & Allocations, Intergenerational Equity, System Value, Ecological Debt, Universal Basic Income, Wealth Tax, Holism

We welcome your feedback on these ideas and categorizations. Please let us know by engaging with us in the Comments threads below, or respond to our posts on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.




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