Thresholds & Transformations: r3.0 Reviews 2020 & Previews 2021

Dedicated to Brendan LeBlanc, who passed away unexpectedly just before this White Paper was released. Brendan was a close friend and colleague who we remember for his keen intelligence and wicked good sense of humor. As a r3.0 Steering Board Member, he championed this White Paper in particular (you wouldn’t have it in your hands now without Brendan’s tireless advocacy) and the work of r3.0 more broadly — particularly our work on Sustainability Context and the Carrying Capacities of the Capitals. Brendan’s fingerprints are all over the famous Paragraph 58 in the International Integrated Reporting Council’s Background Paper on Value Creation, which integrates carrying capacity and thresholds & allocations prominently, and we remember him for his most memorable quote: “The only thing more dangerous than no progress is the illusion of progress.” But ultimately, we remember Brendan for the deep belly laughter he inspired every time we were together. The world is a much better place for his having been here.

Sources: Drew A. Harris; Limits to Growth
r3.0 / UNRISD Thresholds of Transformation Pilot Project Kickoff Call



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